Highlighted Workshops

We have over 125 workshops at Better Together focusing on our three disciplines. Here are some highlights:


A New Model of Donor Care and Donor Engagement

Presenter: Lindsay Vix
In September 2020, the Southwest Division decided to reimagine donor care as a donor engagement activity, to make gratitude and thanks an organized effort, to more directly address new donors, and to create opportunities for concentrated, targeted fundraising campaigns to the benefit of smaller corps. This resulted in the creation of an internal Donor Engagement Team under the leadership of the Divisional Direct Marketing Director. In the years since, these efforts have resulted in 20% increase in the year over year giving of those contacted with gratitude, for a double digit increase in second gift conversion for new donors, for donor care and lapsed reactivation to become more specialized and swift, and for programs or corps in need of immediate support to have quick turnaround campaigning. This team has greatly strengthened the entire CRD department as more donors are identified for major and planned gift cultivation, relationships are deepened, and The Salvation Army story can be told to more current and potential donors.


Base Camps--Why and How

Presenter: Alvin Migues
One of the greatest challenges of implementing disaster operations is providing adequate housing for disaster response teams when local infrastructure is significantly damaged or destroyed. The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services, in its desire to improve the efficiency of our response to benefit not only survivors, but also staff and volunteers, has initiated a “Base Camp” footprint for disasters. This ultimately enables our Incident Management Teams to provide living and working spaces that support the disaster workers' needs while being responsible with donor dollars. A basic benefit is our ability to make social connections with volunteers and staff that builds unity, understanding, and communication, eliminating any disconnect that can exist between the Incident Management Team, Volunteers and others who serve in disasters. The result is a community that is better served in times of need. This workshop will provide the history behind why the Salvation Army Southern Territory implemented this practice and its overall benefits.


The Role of the Emotional and Spiritual Care Specialist in Social Services

Kevin Chinault
This is a practical look at Emotional and Spiritual care within Social Services. Practical conversations about how ESC workers and Pastoral Care representatives support and enhance the Social Services team and our guests’ receiving services. Together the team will support the complete person coming to The Salvation Army for assistance. The workshop will look at the Religious Landscape that we find ourselves serving in, time will be spent looking at Self Care, and understanding Mental Health Care. Practical applications will be shared, and stories of how effective pastoral care has impacted staff and clients. We will discuss and expand on the ESC Specialist to include the role in Emergency Disaster Services, Pathway of Hope, Pastoral Care Committees, Mental Health, and self-care.